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Adega Velha da Casa Avelleda Brandy

Considered by many to be the best Portuguese brandy, Adega Velha is the result of many years of work and dedication. The production of an old cognac such as the Adega Velha requires a lot of time and a lot of love for wine. To begin with, grapes of the highest quality are carefully selected from the best grapes from Quinta da Aveleda to produce a soft brandy with an excellent balance between acidity and alcohol content. This brandy is then subjected to a slow distillation (held in a Charentais distiller, mainly from the Cognac region of France). The Aguardente Velha is then left in French oak barrels Limousin for more than twelve years, resulting in a rich and complex aroma with tones of wood that are best appreciated after a meal 

Food pairing 
Delicious digestive also delicious with a good cup of coffee. The Portuguese often adds this nectar to their espresso.
Aguardente (aguardiente in Spain) is also used in many cocktails, such as the Bali Hai (white Rum, Aguardiente, champagne, lime juice, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, orgeade syrup (almond syrup), the Caipirinha (lime cut into pieces, powdered sugar, Aguardiente, ice cubes) or the delicious Ginjinha, a shot of cherry liqueur (Ginja) 
Grapes: Distilled wine from Portuguese grapes
At least 12 years in Portuguese oak barrils
Alcohol content
40 %vol

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