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Adega Velha Aguardente Brandy

Originating from grapes that are extremely aromatic, have excellent acidic levels and naturally low in alcohol, attributes that are very typical of the Vinho Verde Wine Region, this nectar is a king among brandies. With a velvet-smooth richness and a complexity of aromas that only the best grapes and terroirs can offer. The slow distillation processes in the alambic Charentais and the years resting in the dark cellars give this exclusive nectar its magnificent amber color and rich bouquet. Considered one of the best and most exclusive brandies in Portugal, Adega Velha is perfect the perfect pair to moments of pure pleasure. You can find this brandy in 3 different categories suited for different moments of consumption: Adega Velha 6 Years Reserva, Adega Velha 12 Years XO, Adega Velha 30 Years.


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