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Slo De Vie Distillery, combines two traditional Portuguese Aguardente styles: Vinica, which is distilled from young fresh wine, and Bagaceira, which is distilled from pomace (pressed grape skins). Pomace is used from choice vineyards in Edna Valley on California’s Central Coast. It is processed immediately after the pressing to capture delicate flavors. Only destemmed grapes make it into the traditional Copper Pot still, thus avoiding any hint of wood alcohol. The Reserva is the result of a very strict cut, which translates into a pure heart of the spirit.

Both Vinica and Bagaco are blended together, then aged in French and California Port barrels to deepen the flavor in order to satisfy the most discerning Aguardente connoisseurs. Grapes distilled for this batch are Pinot Noir, White Grenache, and Muscat. A sue saude! Cheers!

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