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Antiqua Aguardente Vinica Velha

Antiqua Aguardente Vinica Velha premium brandy has a golden color with a complex aroma of dried fruit and coffee notes. The rich velvety taste is acquired by aging in oak wooden barrels.

Food pairing: 
Delicious digestif also delicious with a good cup of coffee. The Portuguese often add this gods drink to their espresso.
Aguardente (aguardiente in Spain) is also used in many cocktails such as the Bali Hai (white Rum, Aguardiente, champagne, lime juice, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, orgeade syrup (almond syrup), the Caipirinha (lime cut into pieces, powdered sugar, Aguardiente, ice cubes) or the delicious Ginjinha, a shot of cherry liqueur (Ginja) from which you will walk on your hands and where you need the full width of the road on your way home.
Grapes: Distilled wine from Portuguese grapes
5 years in Portuguese oak barrels
Alcohol Content:
38 %vol
Store & Serve:
Serve at 20°C, in jeated glasses
The spirit in Portugal (Portuguese: Aguardente, derived from água ardente, translated: fire water) include alcoholic drinks, usually distilled from wine, in Portugal. The alcohol percentage is legally limited to 78%. The color can range from clear and colorless to light brown, depending on the maturation in the barrel.


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