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Ginja9 Gift Set

Gift set includes:

  • A 750ml bottle of the best Portuguese Ginja from Óbidos- Portugal 🇵🇹
  • 8 edible dark Belgian chocolate cups. Superior quality of dark Belgian chocolate. They are 72% cacau, dairy free, gluten-free and vegan.
  • Ginja (Portuguese for sour cherry) is a Portuguese tradition loved by all, and has no added colors or preservatives. Vegan, gluten-free and 100% natural. A 12 month infusion of sour cherries from the Óbidos region- Portugal 
  • Pair the two together by pouring Ginja into your chocolate cups for a delightful tasting experience.
  • Includes a free flyer with cocktail recipes for you to taste how versatile Ginja9 is.
  • Please be aware that boxes designs will vary. 



🏆 Liqueur of the year 2020 - Bartender Spirits Awards

🏆 Producer of the year 2020 - Bartender Spirits Awards

🏆 Gold Medal - 95 Points - Bartender Spirits Awards

🏅 92 Points - Ultimate Spirits Awards

🏅 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast

🏅 Winner - WSWA Spirits Competition

🏅 Winner - San Francisco World Tasting Competition 


Ginja9, named Liqueur of the Year 2020 at the Bartender Spirits Awards. Ginja (Portuguese for sour cherry) is a popular liqueur in Portugal with a long history.

This tradition dates back to the Portuguese monks of the 17th century who infused sour cherries, also known as morello cherries, in alcohol. Monks started this process due to the healthy properties of sour cherries—they help with the digestive process and blood circulation. Of course for the booze as well 😋

Ginja9 features a 12 month infusion of sour cherries from the Óbidos region in Portugal, with no added colors, preservatives or sulfates. 

The result is a dark raspberry colored liqueur with the aromas of fresh cherries. A striking balance between sweet and tart, it is the flavor of ripe cherries in liquid form.

You can simply enjoy it straight, chilled, or on the rocks. It's perfect to enhance your favorite cocktails (mojitos, cherry mimosas, margaritas, and more). Mixologists love it for their craft cocktails🍹

Enjoy a delectable pairing when you pour Ginja9 into our edible dark Belgian chocolate cups.


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